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2022 Summer Newsletter

Judy Dearden, President


The City of Highland Heights and the Highland Heights Green Task Force partnered to sponsor the first city-wide clean-up in April. We had a great turnout of volunteers…from all age groups….under 10, teenagers, senior adults and every age group in between. Over 40 volunteers in all! A total of 40 bags of trash was collected from the landscape, approximately 300 lbs. We actually do have a clean city, but there were definitely areas that were used to deposit trash on the landscape. And unfortunately, some trash does fly off the trash trucks also. So please everyone, let’s all do our part to maintain a litter free
community landscape.

Thank you to all who participated!


Our membership has remained strong in spite of the challenging times. I would like to thank everyone who has stayed
with us and continued down our common path to try and live and promote more environmentally friendly lifestyles. I
also want to thank our members for all the volunteer hours that they have given over eleven years, working the
FREECYCLES and outreach tables, etc. The HHGTF certainly could not have made such a positive difference without your
help. We would like to invite others to join us!


Most of the scientific community believes that there is simply no time to waste. We need urgent and
ambitious actions. Here is a tip from that we all can do: Unplug items when they aren’t in use!
Can you be more energy efficient at home?

  • Unplug items when they aren’t in use
  • Buy goods with high energy-efficient standards
  • Consider making the switch to renewable energy.

Transportation is now the largest source of carbon emissions in the United States. No matter where you live, travel by
car or airplane contributes heavily to our shared carbon footprint. Take public transit, biking, or walking when possible –
it’s good for your health, your wallet, and the planet.

Climate action, one bite at a time

Enjoy more plant-based meals, reduce your food waste altogether, and compost your food scraps.

  • Sept 7: Speaker Series, 6-9 PM Highland Heights Park Barn, Speaker Series: Topic – “Climate Change and What We Can Do”. Speaker: Aaron Wilson, Atmospheric Scientist with the Ohio State University.
    Bring a meal for yourself or enjoy a piece of pizza supplied by HHGTF. (This temporarily replaces the Gazebo Potluck.)
  • Oct 5: Movie and Discussion Night-7-9 PM City of Highland Heights Park Barn, Movie: “Being the Change, A New Kind of Climate Documentary”
  • Nov. 2: Year-End Business Meeting & Elections: 7 – 9 PM Highland Hts. Community Center

Thank you to all for continuing to be interested in our shared environment and how to keep it and ourselves healthy.
Please visit, or email,
or call Judy Dearden @ 440-646-9820 for more information.