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2018 Summer Newsletter

Judy Dearden, President


I am quite often asked, when I speak at events, about plastic pollution..”So, what’s the problem with plastic?” As there are a number of problems, I sometimes find it hard to bring them down to a common denominator. I recently became FB friends with the author of “Evolution of Pollution”, Frank Mancuso. I think Frank’s explanation brings it down to the basics and why we should all be concerned, and hopefully, make a conscious effort to reduce our use of plastics. Here is what Frank has to say: “Oxygen likes to be diluted. As our thin layer of oxygen, at 21%, becomes more and more diluted with other gasses, people will begin to get sick and perhaps die. BUT there is a more serious issue, which is the earth’s ability to make more oxygen. It has taken billions of years for phytoplankton to create all life on earth and most of its oxygen supply. Phytoplankton has been diminished by almost half in my life because of toxic marine micro-plastic.” Phytoplankton is responsible for about 70% of the oxygen released into the atmosphere through photosynthesis.

In short, the oceans are our planet’s lungs and kidneys, and we all need to do all that we can to keep them healthy.


For the fourth consecutive year, The HHGTF was invited to participate in the 2018 Earth Day celebration. It is estimated that over 430 people visited the display tables this year! That’s a lot of talking, and thankfully, we were well-staffed. Thank you to all our volunteers! As our campaign for the year is “USE LESS PLASTIC”, we sponsored a raffle with alternatives to single-use plastics prizes such as Pyrex containers as “to go” containers, metal straws rather than plastic, washable, reusable mesh produce bags, and Bees Wax food storage wraps. If you would like more information on where to purchase these items, please send me an email or call.


Congratulations to the 2018 HHGTF scholarship winners, Mayfield High School graduating seniors Lauren Irwin and Caravita Melarango. Both of these young women will be attending college in the fall and will be majoring in engineering. We wish them both very successful careers, hopefully, making our planet a better and healthier place to live.


  • July 21 – Highland Hts. Community Day table 12-7:00, Community Park
  • Aug. 1 – Field Trip – plastics recycler, Plastic Materials Inc., Tour starts at 2:00 p.m., Macedonia
  • Sept. 5 – Gazebo Party with 50/50 raffle, potluck dinner 6:30-9:00 p.m. This is a ZERO WASTE event.
  • Oct. 3 – Movie & Discussion Night 6:00 p.m.-Documentary on Plastics – Highland Hts. Community Park -pole barn.

SKIP THE STRAW CAMPAIGN…please do our streams, rivers, lakes, and oceans a huge favor and say NO TO PLASTIC STRAWS.

Why does it matter? Every day, 500,000,000 plastic straws are disposed of in the United States. Plastic straws take roughly 200 years to degrade and in that time they harm the local environment and animals. Animals consume the straws, mistaking them for food, which causes injuries.

Thank you to all for continuing to be interested in our shared environment and how to keep it and ourselves healthy. Please visit or email
or call Judy Dearden @ 440-646-9820 for more information.