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2021 Fall Newsletter

Judy Dearden, President


On September 1, the Highland Heights Task Force had a successful in-person speaker presentation in the Park Barn at the city park. Christopher Winslow, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Ohio Sea Grant College Program, OSU was our presenter. Dr. Winslow coordinates Ohio Sea Grant’s Great Lakes research with agencies and universities, as well as assists in research, curriculum development, and student recruitment at The Ohio State University’s Stone Laboratory. The presentation topic was “Algae Blooms and the Condition of Lake Erie.” We learned that from the research that is ongoing through education, there are efforts to help reduce the number of nutrients that find their way into the lake, most of it coming off the land and associated with agricultural practices. There are still problems, and more efforts need to be taken to correct the issues causing the blooms. Thank you all who attended, it was good seeing everyone in person!


Thank you to all who have dropped off your batteries for recycling! Unfortunately, this program has been discontinued effective immediately.


Our membership has remained strong despite the challenging times. I would like to thank everyone who has stayed with us and continued down our common path to try and live and promote more environmentally-friendly lifestyles. I also want to thank our members for all the volunteer hours they have given over eleven years, working the FREECYCLES and outreach tables, etc. The HHGTF certainly could not have made such a positive difference without your help. We would also like to invite others to join us!


SPRING 2022 – After seeing how much litter is on some of the streets in our city, mostly in the spring after the snow has melted, it became evident that we should try and schedule a city community clean-up day, as some of our neighboring cities do. The litter that is along the streets has a very good chance of going down the storm drains during heavy rains, and then directly into Lake Erie. This event is in the planning stage, so keep watching your emails for more information. If we do not have your email, please contact me at

2022 HHGTF CAMPAIGN: Climate Change

The campaign for next year will address the topic of climate change, timely right? As it is presently only the beginning of fall, and we do not know how the pandemic will play out next year, we have not scheduled speakers yet. It might be that we will only schedule in-person presentations that can be held outdoors or in the barn which has good ventilation. Watch the calendar on our website and the emails you receive from

Thank you to all for continuing to be interested in our shared environment and how to keep it and ourselves healthy. Please visit or email or call Judy Dearden @ 440-646-9820 for more information.