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Highland Heights Green Task Force is pleased to share a growing body of information on how YOU can live green in our community. Learn more about the science of environmental stewardship. Discover the history of the green movement. Meet local environmental leaders. Increase your understanding of how we are affected by, as well as how we affect the environment.

Additionally, the archive of quarterly newsletters and monthly meeting notes, as well as the yearly campaigns, reflect the work and information the group has covered over the past 12 years.

Green Books, Movies & More!

HHGTF is building a collection of recommended environmental Websites, Books, Movies, Webinars, and other media, linked here. Thought-provoking, educational, and thoroughly engaging; check out some green media soon!

Don’t Be a Wish-Cycler. Recycle Right!

To watch more “WishCycler” videos about Cuyahoga County’s recycling do’s and dont’s, visit CuyahogaRecycles.org

NEW! Pilot Glass Recycling Program!

The City of Highland Heights has implemented a pilot glass recycling program with Repeat Glass, which is a new, local glass recycling service. There is a glass recycling bin located at the far right side of the Building Department parking lot where glass may be dropped off. Please review this Q & A:

Q. What can be recycled with Repeat Glass?

A. Any and all of these:

  • Beverage containers (i.e. beer bottles)
  • Food containers (i.e. pickle jars)
  • Candles
  • Perfumes and colognes

Q. What cannot be recycled with Repeat Glass?

A. Please DO NOT recycle these:

  • Bags and boxes
  • Ceramic glass (i.e. coffee mugs)
  • Light bulbs and fluorescent tubes
  • Mirrors
  • Art glass and leaded crystal
  • Safety glass (i.e. windshields)
  • Electronics (i.e. TVs)

Q. Do I have to rinse the glass, remove the labels and lids, and sort by color?

A. No! You do not have to rinse the glass, but make sure it is empty. No need to remove the labels or lids, or to sort by color.

For more information about Repeat Glass, visit https://www.repeatglass.com/

Explore the HHGTF Campaigns

Each year the Highland Heights Green Task Force chooses an environmental campaign to focus on. These yearly campaigns offer an opportunity to explore both specific and far-reaching issues, as well as steps we – as individuals and together as a community – can take toward solutions.

Explore the Campaigns

Click on each campaign icon above to find a growing body of ideas that you can use to be part of a greener future.

The campaign for 2023:

Nature and Us

How to Recycle Right

Cuyahoga County recommends following these guidelines. Place these recyclable items – WITHOUT BAGGING THEM – in your recycling cart or bin.

Clean aluminum and tin cans.
Clean aluminum and tin cans.
Corragated cardboard.
Clean, dry corrugated cardboard.
Clean glass bottles and jars.
Clean glass bottles and jars.
Paper, junk mail, magazines and cereal boxes.
Dry paper, junk mail, magazines, and cereal boxes.
Clean plastic bottles and containers.
Clean plastic bottles and containers.
TIPS FOR Paper & Boxes
  • Include newspapers, junk mail, magazines, paper tubes, and corrugated cardboard
  • Empty all content from boxes
  • Make sure all paper is clean and dry
  • Flatten all cereal/cracker boxes and corrugated boxes

Learn more at cuyahogarecycles.org/recyclables/paper_and_boxes


The following items should NOT be included in your recycling. It is safe to include them in the trash.

Styrofoam & plastic clamshells, takeout containers, and plastic utensils are convenient, but they cannot be recycled in a curbside recycling program. To avoid these items, consider bringing your own glass containers for restaurant leftovers. Encourage your favorite restaurants to switch to earth-friendly packaging.

Styrofoam clamshell containers
NO styrofoam containers
Plastic takeout containers
NO plastic takeout items

Garden hoses are NOT RECYCLABLE! You CAN remove the metal ends to recycle the metal. Consider repairing or upcycling your hoses. They can become tree supports, swingset-chain covers, or even bench seats! To see view some creative uses for old hoses, visit www.gardeningchannel.com

Garden hose
NO garden hoses

Broken ceramics and pottery are also NOT RECYCLABLE. They can be re-used to create drainage in the bottom of planters, or upcycled into many fun and interesting garden and household items. Here are just a few ideas: craftingagreenworld.com

Broken ceramics
NO ceramic items

Special Disposal

These items require special handling and should NEVER be included in TRASH OR RECYCLING.

Flourescent bulbs
Fluorescent bulbs
Latex Paint
Latex Paint
Medical syringe
Medical syringes
Hazardous household waste
household waste