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Living Green:

The Future of Energy & Resources

Energy icon: windmill, solar panel and sun.

A Promising Future

Good news! Every day, renewable resources both large and small are entering the mainstream of consumer options.

Renewable Energy

Perhaps the biggest opportunity is in renewable energy production. Several renewable energy sources offer us hope for a brighter future. At this time, the two that are being implemented are Wind and Solar power.

Other Renewable Resources

Fast and easily renewable resources such as hemp, bamboo, and recycled materials are playing a key role in green consumer goods. We can look forward to more of these positive changes as we share these options.

Learn More

Join HHGTF and learn how we can work together toward a brighter future for all of us. Enjoy the informative articles below (click on the titles for the full articles) to learn about other resources.

HHGTF focused on this issue in 2017. You can review the groups’ activities in the Newsletters and Meeting Notes of that year.


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  • Farmers Markets: The Impact of Buying Local

    Farmers Markets: The Impact of Buying Local

    Local food has countless benefits. It is not a secret that a lot of families prefer getting food from local markets, rather than from big agricultural holdings. There is convincing evidence for the benefits of consuming organic and locally grown products. Among the positive effects there is a positive impact on the economy and a…

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  • Bamboo as a Green Construction Alternative

    Bamboo as a Green Construction Alternative

    The global climate crisis has made it evidently clear that the way humans currently operate is unsustainable and harmful. Every day a new building is constructed, steel run-off enters into a body of fresh drinking water, or an acre of trees is cut down in one fell swoop. In fact, according to the EPA “The…

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