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Clean Water for All

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Clean Water: A Basic Human Right!

We need clean, safe drinking water to live. Clean rivers, bays, lakes, and streams are vital to our health, to all wildlife, AND to a vibrant economy. It should be accessible to all people regardless of economic or social status.

Clean water also provides endless opportunities for recreation: swimming, fishing, boating, or simply sitting nearby.

Our Choices Matter

Learn more about our choices and how they impact clean water resources and the entirety of our world. Attend an HHGTF event; membership is not required to attend! But of course, we hope you will join HHGTF and become a member. Become a member today!

You can also read the articles below for more information as well.

Learn more about our choices and how they impact our world. Join HHGTF. Read the articles below (click on the titles) for more information as well.

HHGTF focused on this issue in 2015. You can review the groups’ activities in the 2015 Newsletters and Meeting Notes.

Articles About Clean Water for All

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  • Protecting Our Water

    Protecting Our Water

    Water is important to all parts of life. It’s what refreshes us, and feeds the plants we eat; it’s home to fish and other marine life. Without clean water, we cannot survive.  Key Causes of Water Pollution According to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), water pollution can be caused in many ways: Things you can […]

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