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Protecting Our Water

Water is important to all parts of life. It’s what refreshes us, and feeds the plants we eat; it’s home to fish and other marine life. Without clean water, we cannot survive. 

Key Causes of Water Pollution

According to the WWF (World Wildlife Fund), water pollution can be caused in many ways:

  • Polluted water can be from wastes from factories, sewage, chemicals from agriculture, trash, too much algae, etc.
  • The Harvard EHP says that even pollution from the air can affect water quality as it settles. This pollution can get into the groundwater where it could stay and still contaminate the water.
  • Fertilizers can contaminate water with their chemicals and…
  • Extra nitrogen can be taken in by algae which makes it take over the body of water, using up all the oxygen and becoming a dead zone.
  • Microplastics and plastics, in general, can also pollute the water and harm the animals in that water.
  • Water is also wasted as well. 
Things you can do to help save clean water for all:
  • Take short showers instead of baths.
  • Use natural fertilizers.
  • Don’t pour chemicals down the drain.
  • Install a filter and check your water for contamination.
  • Don’t pollute water or near water with trash and other waste.
  • Recycle plastic so plastic does not pollute the water.
  • Run water only when rinsing your toothbrush.
  • Use water-saving devices on sinks and toilets.

Author: Anna Potak

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