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Use Less Plastic

Plastic: It’s everywhere!

If you have ever tried to avoid plastic, even for one day, you know how difficult it is! From small items like food packaging to home goods, clothing, and tools, to massive uses as in transportation…everywhere you turn there is more and more and MORE plastic.

The invasive presence of plastic is now adversely affecting all living creatures, including us!

Don’t Give Up!

While it might seem beyond hope, we must do what we can to stop – and hopefully – reverse this situation. Join HHGTF. Learn and take action! Read the articles below (click on the titles) for more information on this issue as well.

HHGTF focused on this theme in 2018 and 2013. You can review the groups’ activities in the Newsletters and Meeting Notes of those years.

Articles on Reducing the Use of Plastic

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  • 10 Ways to Use Less Plastic

    10 Ways to Use Less Plastic

    People often forget that the first line of defense is to REDUCE the use of waste, including single-use plastics….REDUCE, Reuse, Recycle. Here are TEN WAYS that you can scale down your single-use plastic consumption. Choose reusable grocery bags AND produce bags.You can re-use the ones from the store, or invest in some top notch bags […]

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  • The Problem of Plastic

    The Problem of Plastic

    There is a myriad of health problems for people and wildlife linked to plastic. From birds mistaking plastic for food to hungry sea turtles thinking plastic bags are jellyfish.

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