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Land, Food, Water & Us

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The Circle of Usage

We all need food and water to live. That is why this “circle” of land and water usage for food is a critical aspect of caring for all aspects of the environment.

Land use great and small, affects our local and global environment. Whether commercial farming, lawn or yard care, or pet ownership, we all need to become responsible stewards of our land and water.

Good Choices Large and Small

Small choices – such as purchasing local, sustainably produced foods, reducing lawn chemicals, organic options, and picking up after pets – all make a difference.

Larger choices – including supporting pro-environmental legislation – can have a tremendous effect on our community, state, and ultimately our world.

Join HHGTF to Learn More

Learn more about our choices and how they impact our world. Join HHGTF. Read the articles below (click on the titles) for more information as well.

HHGTF focused on this theme in 2016. You can review the groups’ activities in the Newsletters and Meeting Notes of that year.

Articles About Land, Food Water & Us

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  • Farmers Markets: The Impact of Buying Local

    Farmers Markets: The Impact of Buying Local

    Local food has countless benefits. It is not a secret that a lot of families prefer getting food from local markets, rather than from big agricultural holdings. There is convincing evidence for the benefits of consuming organic and locally grown products. Among the positive effects there is a positive impact on the economy and a […]

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  • Gardening: Go Organic!

    Gardening: Go Organic!

    Gardening can be a fun and rewarding hobby. It can beautify one’s home as well as be a healthy and calming activity. Certain common gardening practices, however, can be harmful to the environment. Here are a few. Problem #1: Over Fertilizing We usually think of fertilizers as good: they help plants grow more. Nitrogen, a […]

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