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farmers market stand with many fruits and vegetables

Farmers Markets: The Impact of Buying Local

Local food has countless benefits. It is not a secret that a lot of families prefer getting food from local markets, rather than from big agricultural holdings. There is convincing evidence for the benefits of consuming organic and locally grown products. Among the positive effects there is a positive impact on the economy and a decrease of environmental pollution. Local food products can be: fruits and vegetables, dairy products, meat, bread and drinks, greens.

Product from local producers are usually grown with organic pest control products rather than big agricultural holdings.

It should be mentioned that along with their useful properties, local farm products are characterized by seasonality, which doesn’t always make it possible to get the necessary food, for example, in winter. No need to despair, some farmers have an opportunity to grow food all year round, depending on the climate, but their price will be higher. Farmers prefer to use organic and natural pest control products to keep the products they sell natural. Big agricultural holdings massively spray their food products with pesticides. Local farm products do not require long transportation, which eliminates the need for using preservatives in food.  

Buying local food has a positive effect on local ecology.

Buying more local food supports the local ecology. Shortening the supply distance for local products helps to reduce dependence on fuel, reduce air pollution, and reduce greenhouse emissions.

Buying local food supports the economy of your area.

Also, buying local farm products people help to keep money in the same region, and also help create new jobs on local farms and industries. Farming is often a family business. Traditionally, farming is a lifestyle that people try to maintain from generation to generation. Often this is not just a way to make money. That is why by choosing local products you help support the economic health of a certain area, as well as families involved in farming.

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