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2017 Spring Newsletter

Judy Dearden, President


The 2017 campaign for the Highland Heights Green Task Force is “THE FUTURE OF ENERGY AND RESOURCES”. Most of our “Green Living Speaker Series” programs this year will center on this theme. We invite you to attend any or all of our programs.

If this is the first you have read about us, here is a short history of our non-profit, environmental education group:

Our first meeting was held in January 2011. And now in our seventh year, we are still growing strong with almost 60 members! Each year, we have hosted “Living Green Speaker Series” programs with experts in their fields addressing issues pertaining to our shared environment. Over the years, we have successfully hosted seven FREECYCLES and E-WASTE DRIVES, with the E-Waste drives keeping over 5 tons of electronics from going to landfills. We supported the City’s efforts in obtaining a grant for recycle bins for our city park and facilitated an expanded garden and compost program at Millridge Elementary. Last year, we awarded our first “Alan Lorenz Environmental Scholarship” to Isaac Bykhovsky from Mayfield High School. We are certainly on a roll!

We invite you to join us in 2017, for any or all of our speaker series programs related to our theme, “The Future of Energy and Resources”. Thank you to everyone for your contribution and volunteer hours in making the Highland Heights Green Task Force a success!


Thank you to the HHGTF Secretary, Amy Milroy for her hard work in creating a new, revamped website for our group. Please check it out at

FROM OUR WEBSITE: Challenge of the Month

Let’s change a few habits together, one challenge at a time with the most recent website challenge:
In the evening, truly turn off electronics. Plug your devices (TV and DVD player, computers, etc.) into a UL-certified power strip. Switch the strip off to prevent phantom electrical draw overnight.

Please find these and other simple tips to save energy on our website.


No money is charged for items. Bring “stuff” (no junk) to give away, and help yourself to stuff from others. This recycling event is to help decrease the amount of “usable items” that might find their way into landfills.

“E-Waste Recycle Drive” 

This is a recycling drive to collect items that once ran on electricity or a battery, i.e.: toaster ovens, cell phones, old power strips/surge protectors, microwaves, fans, etc. This type of drive is designed to keep these items out of the landfills and to recycle the pieces/parts of the items. NOTE: We cannot accept non-flat screen TVs or CRT monitors. No FREON or mercury accepted.

Both events will be held Sunday, June 25, 2017, at the Highland Hts. Community Park – 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.


  • Apr. 5 – PUCO; Speaker Luka Papaklo
  • April 25 – Earth Day Celebration 11-2:30; Hillcrest Hospital Atrium
  • May 3 – LEED Co., “Building an Offshore Wind Industry in Lake Erie
  • June 7 – GREEN BOOK CLUB, book reviews by HHGTF members, always fun and informative.

All of these events will be held at 7:00 p.m. at the Highland Hts. Community Center.

Thank you to all for continuing to be interested in our shared environment and how to keep it and ourselves healthy. Please visit, or email or call Judy Dearden @ 440-646-9820 for more information.