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2019 Spring Newsletter

Judy Dearden, President

The Highland Heights Green Task Force is now in our 9th year! We are excited that our membership and attendance for our meetings, events, and programs continue to grow! We would like to once again say thank you to all who have supported us over the years with donations, volunteer hours and in passing the message that encourages friends, family, and neighbors to “live more environmentally friendly lifestyles”.

Our 2019 campaign is “AVOIDING TOXINS”. We have scheduled a number of programs and events that address this issue.

It’s an unfortunate fact that we’re now living in a chemical soup. The documentary for our MOVIE & DISCUSSION NIGHT in October focuses on the myriad of chemicals in our air, food, water, and household products that may be compromising our health. Eighty-four thousand chemicals are legal for commerce in the US, all essentially unregulated. In 2011, chemicals accounted for more than $763 billion in revenue. As an example, the six billion pounds of BPA produced every year generates about $8 billion in profits for its manufacturers. Roughly 13,000 chemicals are used in cosmetics alone, of which only 10% have been evaluated for safety, and new ones are introduced every year. Ordinary household products can be major sources of chemical exposure that add to your body’s toxic load. Exposure to industrial chemicals and pollutants is contributing to a wide array of health problems, including asthma, breast cancer, and reproductive abnormalities, to name a few. It is time for us all to be mindful of the chemical-based products we have been using, and consider changing to plant-based products that are safer for us and the environment. Along with our October movie, our speaker for April, Laura Burns, previously with MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE will address these toxins and offer ways to avoid them. Please join us.


For a number of years, I have been promoting reusable produce bags. I was thrilled to see these at Heinen’s a few weeks ago and with Heinen’s name on the bag’s label. These bags are a great replacement for single-use product bags, they are washable and are for sale at a great price! Thank you Heinen’s!


Alkaline batteries are 100% recyclable. Through a mechanical separation process, the components are separated into three end products. All of these products are put back into the marketplace for reuse.

Please consider recycling your single-use AA, AAA, C, D, and 9-volt batteries at one of the collection boxes at the following locations: City Hall, JT Highland Auto, and the Wildcat Fitness Facility at Mayfield High School. To date, we have collected 280 lbs. of used batteries. for recycling.


  • Apr. 3 – Laura Burns, Biologist, Researcher, “AVOIDING TOXINS
  • May 1 – Rust Belt Riders, Dan Brown presenter, Cleveland’s own composters
  • June 5 – Green Book Club, reports by HHGTF members
  • June 23 – Freecycle/E-Waste Drive from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at the Community Park
  • July – Summer Break

All events are held at the Highland Heights Community Center at 7:00 p.m. except the Freecycle event at the Highland Heights Community Park – 5905 Wilson Mills Rd.

Thank you to all for continuing to be interested in our shared environment and how to keep it and ourselves healthy. Please visit or email
or call Judy Dearden @ 440-646-9820 for more information.