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Living Green:

Book: Green This!

Author: Deirdre Imus

Sub Title: Greening Your Cleaning

Description: Change the way you clean and keep your family’s home wholesome and healthy with the help of expert and activist, Deirdre Imus.

We all grew up thinking chemical smells like bleach and ammonia signaled “clean.” But as Deirdre Imus reveals, some of the chemicals we use to maintain our homes are doing us and our families much more harm than good. In Greening Your Cleaning, the first in her Green This! series, Deirdre shows how cleaning a house in an environmentally responsible way can be as effective and often cheaper than the more traditional, toxic, means. This volume includes:

  • Simple, efficient cleaning methods for every room of the house
  • Spotlights on everyday products (all-purpose cleaner, glass/window cleaner, laundry detergent) and the toxic ingredients you should be wary of
  • Summaries of the latest research on the toxic effects of ordinary chemicals
  • Resource lists of widely available “green cleaning” products and retailers

Link to Purchase: At Amazon
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