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Mesh bag with fruits and food items in glass jars

8 Tips to Avoid Toxins in Foods

This short list can go a long way towards avoiding toxins in our food, water and food preparation.

  1. Read food labels!
    Words like natural, real, and whole-grain have little-to-no real meaning. They are simply marketing buzzwords.
    Certified Organic, on the other hand, DOES have meaning and requires verification to meet organic standards.
  2. Avoid heating plastics in the microwave.
  3. Choose BPA free cans for canned goods. Better yet, choose glass.
  4. Limit or eliminate plastic containers.
  5. Avoid non-stick and/or aluminum pans. Choose stainless steel or cast iron.
  6. Filter your drinking water.
  7. Avoid synthetic food dyes and most preservatives.
  8. Buy organic vegetables when possible.

…and remember to support efforts to change laws that allow harmful chemicals into our food and water!