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  • HHGTF 2023 Meetings

    HHGTF 2023 Meetings

    The theme for 2023: Nature & Us April, 2023 Financial Report We are financially in good standing. April 5th Presentation: LANDSCAPING for the FUTURE Presenter: Kate Chapel, Watershed Coordinator (and botanist), Cuyahoga County Soil and Water Conservation. Kate says: “I am passionate about conservation ecology, applying it practically, and communicating it effectively to the general […]

  • HHGTF 2022 Meeting Notes

    HHGTF 2022 Meeting Notes

    The complete HHGTF meeting notes for 2022.

  • HHGTF 2021 Meeting Notes

    HHGTF 2021 Meeting  Notes

    The theme for 2021: Taking Care of Us, Inside & Out, II September 1, 2021 Financial report Calendar for 2021 Info About Judy will be giving presentations to two garden clubs on recycling and alternatives to plastics … along with tips on green cleaning. July 7, 2021 Financial Report Calendar for 2021: Informational Sheets Presented […]

  • HHGTF 2020 Meeting Notes

    HHGTF 2020 Meeting Notes

    The theme for 2020: Taking Care of Us, Inside & Out, I June 2020 HHGTF Bi-Annual Meeting Financial Report We are in solid financial shape. The Alan Lorenz scholarship fund is good to go for the 2020-21 School year. As of this time we have 64 paid members. Alan Lorenz Environmental Scholarship Highland Heights Newsletter […]

  • HHGTF 2019 Meeting Notes

    HHGTF 2019 Meeting Notes

    The theme for 2019: Avoiding Toxins November 6, 2019 Financial Report Discussions 2020: NOMINATIONS FOR OFFICERS – slate Board of Directors: 7-9 slate Slate was voted on as presented – all in favor 2020 CAMPAIGN: “Taking Care of Us, Inside and Out” October 2, 2019 HHGTF Movie and Discussion Night Movie Tonight – Playing into […]

  • HHGTF 2018 Meeting Notes

    HHGTF 2018 Meeting Notes

    The theme for 2018: Use Less Plastic Oct 3, 2018 Financial Report: FREECYCLE/E-Waste Drives Once again both were a big success! We had 16 volunteers, thank you all who helped out! The E-WASTE total was 1,100 lbs…bringing the total from all drives to approx.. 15,000 lbs saved from the landfill… LITTLE FREE LIBRARY Has been used […]

  • HHGTF 2017 Meeting Notes

    HHGTF 2017 Meeting Notes

    The theme for 2017: The Future of Energy and Resources November 1, 2017 Website Costs GO-DADDY WEBSITE: To renew with a New Website Builder promo, which is designed for mobile devices and utilizes scrolling… $95.88/yr (includes security) + $12.99 for Domain Ownership Protection +$14.99 to renew domain name = $123.86 Election of Officers Slate Election of […]

  • HHGTF 2016 Meeting Notes

    HHGTF 2016 Meeting Notes

    The theme for 2016: Land, Food, Water & Us December 7, 2016 Highland Heights Green Task Force Year-End Business Meeting and Elections This evening the members of the Highland Heights Green Task Force met one last time in 2016 for the Year-End Business Meeting and Elections. Judy recapped the events from the year and we […]

  • HHGTF 2015 Meeting Notes

    HHGTF 2015 Meeting Notes

    The theme for 2015: Clean Water for All December 2, 2015 HHGTF Business Meeting & Elections Judy called the meeting to order with 11 people in attendance. Financial Report We are financially in good standing. Website Update Issues Discussed Reviewing Past Events Judy went through the list of events that were held during the past […]

  • HHGTF 2014 Meeting Notes

    HHGTF 2014 Meeting Notes

    The campaign for 2014: “Zero Waste” December 3, 2014 Summary of Discussion Judy called the meeting to order around 7:00. The following items were discussed: HHGTF Business Meeting – Year End Election of Officers Judy announced we have a quorum and can vote Judy provided the financial report We are paid up through the end […]