HHGTF 2020 Meeting Notes

Highland Heights Green Task Force – Serving the Greater Hillcrest Communities & Beyond

planters being potted with soil

The theme for 2020:

Taking Care of Us, Inside & Out, I

June 2020

HHGTF Bi-Annual Meeting
  • The meeting was initially Postponed to March 2020.
  • Held outdoors due to Covid-19.
  • BOD Members in attendance: MaryBeth Skala, Judy Dearden, Susan Jerome, Frank Popotnik, Rick Evans, Marilyn Wilson, Amy Milroy, Cathy Murphy, and Anna Henkle
Financial Report

We are in solid financial shape. The Alan Lorenz scholarship fund is good to go for the 2020-21 School year. As of this time we have 64 paid members.

Alan Lorenz Environmental Scholarship
  • Winners: Marlee Snider (Mayfield Hts) and Jack Snider (Mayfield Village)
  • Received a nice thank you note from Jack
  • Thank you to Mary Fash for doing a wonderful online presentation video
  • Thanks to the committee….Kathy Trepal, Kathy Lorenze, Joan Albro, Judy Dearden
Highland Heights Newsletter

Judy’s summer article presented a bit of a challenge as all events have been canceled or postponed. However, Judy had a light bulb moment and wrote about “Nature Bathing”.


Although both have been canceled, Judy did have a conversation with Clyde and Jack from Accurate IT to perhaps conduct an E-Waste drive later in the fall. Thoughts?

August Field Trip

Locus Fermentation Solutions, 30600 Aurora Rd., Solon … 12 are signed up to go. Should we just cancel? Or contact the company and determine if a field trip is even something they will still do? It was decided that we can plan to take this trip next summer for our annual field trip.

September Gazebo NOT potluck this year
  • When Judy sent an email to our speaker for June, Dr. Kasia Gustaw Rothenberg, MD, Ph.D. A neuropsychiatrist at Cleveland Clinic who was going to discuss Climate Change and our Mental Health suggested perhaps she could do it later in the year. So might we consider in Sept to bring our own chairs and dinner, and sit outside of the gazebo and see if she could do a presentation then? Thoughts? Judy will reach out to Dr. Rothenber and see if she is interested. Of course, this would have to be weather permitting.
  • October meeting TBD
  • The Year-end meeting in November will be a zoom meeting.

February 2020

Financial Report
  • Financially we are in good shape!
  • Our paid membership to date is at 52 … perhaps we might get to 70 this year!
  • Also thank you all who gave an extra donation!
  • We are still taking membership dues … $20 covers both individual and family! If you would like to become a member, the membership forms are on the check-in table, checks or cash.
  • CALENDAR for 2020 and upcoming events: Sign up notebook was passed around for people to take advantage of the chance to get involved.
  • April 1 – ALGAE BLOOMS & the condition of Lake Erie = Christopher Winslow,Ph.D., OSU, Ohio Sea Grant College Program, Director
  • April or May Hillcrest Hospital Earth Day Celebration…stop by our table
  • May 6 GREEN BOOK CLUB, Book or article reports by HHGTF members
  • June 3 CLIMATE CHANGES IMPACT ON MENTAL HEALTH = Kasia Gustaw Rothenberg, MD, Ph.D., Neuropsychiatrist Cleveland Clinic Foundation
  • June 28, Sun FREECYCLE/E-WASTE DRIVES Highland Hts. Community Park, 10-3
Battery Recycling

Mayfield Village just took over 600 lbs of batteries to the facility to be recycled, it was a combination of the city’s batteries and those collected at the high school’s Wildcat Fitness Facility. The HHGTF has taken in over 300 lbs. There is a collection box in city hall….and hopefully, the city will take over this effort at some time in the future.

Little Free Library
  • With spring right around the corner, more people will be using our city park and using the LITTLE FREE LIBRARY in front of the pool house. Please feel free to take a book, and keep in mind that it is also for leaving a book.
  • In March, Cuyahoga County Councilperson, Sunny Simon plans to join us to give an update on the plastic bag ban. Please feel free to join us.
Tonight’s Presentation

Judy introduced and welcomed our speaker tonight … Mrs. Herb Cleaner aka Kathleen Gips! Many might recognize Kathleen from the morning New Day Cleveland show … or from the Eco Fair, the HHGTF hosted at Mayfield Library a few years back. Kathleen manned the Western Reserve Herb Society table. She has been Judy’s go-to person for all things herbal and botanical…tonight’s presentation is: HERBAL HOME KEEPING … HOW TO KEEP A NATURALLY CLEAN HOME