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  • 8 Tips to Avoid Toxins in Foods

    8 Tips to Avoid Toxins in Foods

    This short list can go a long way towards avoiding toxins in our food, water and food preparation. Read food labels! Words like natural, real, and whole-grain have little-to-no real meaning. They are simply marketing buzzwords.Certified Organic, on the other hand, DOES have meaning and requires verification to meet organic standards. Avoid heating plastics in…

  • Shop for Green Cleaning Products

    Shop for Green Cleaning Products

    We know shopping for green cleaning products can be challenging, so we have gathered some brands for you, listed below. You can find most brands of these brands at local grocery stores, as well as online. Click on the brand names listed below for links for product information. Brands Grove Betterlife Method Mrs. Meyers Seventh…

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  • 10 Recipes to Green Your Clean

    10 Recipes to Green Your Clean

    Common household cleaners usually contain toxic chemicals and substances that are harmful to your family and the environment. In addition, these cleaners are packaged in plastic bottles which also leads to plastic bottle pollution. Plastics are made with fossil fuels, which makes them environmentally hazardous, and they do not biodegrade. It can actually take up…